Pre-Order For Mundi Mundi Bash Broken Hill 2022

Koolaz Ice together with Silverton Firewood will take care of all your ice and firewood needs at the 2022 Mundi Mundi Bash.
Koolaz Ice is taking orders for Silverton Firewood, their stall will be set up next to the Koolaz Ice stall so all your ice and firewood will be accessible from the one convenient spot.

  • By pre-ordering, your order will be waiting for you on-site at the Bash.
  • Benefits of pre-ordering include saving space and most importantly, saving on the extra weight of carrying your own firewood.
  • Pre-orders give our team a better indication of supplies that are required for the Bash.
  • We will also take extra supplies for those that miss pre-ordering or require extra ice and firewood throughout the event.
  • Before you click & 'Pre-Order Now' double-check that all of your order details are correct and once placed, we will send a confirmation email that contains your order details and the total cost due at the Bash.
  • Screenshot your order confirmation on your phone or print it out, you will need one of the two to be able to collect your pre-order at the Bash (we suggest doing both).
  • Once you arrive on-site at the Bash, get your camp all set up and come and find us at our stall – location will be advised closer to the festival date.
  • Look for the big ice flag and white ice truck.
  • Bring your confirmation email and payment for your order.
  • We will issue you with your ice cards and firewood tickets.
  • As there is no internet service, we can only accept cash payments.
  • If no cash can be provided, your pre-order will become void and all items will be put back up for sale.
  • Please note that two transactions will need to be made. Koolaz Ice and Silverton Firewood will be set up next to each other but require separate payments for your preorders.
  • You don’t have to collect all your ice at once.
  • We will hold your pre-ordered ice in our freezer truck for collection daily. Once paid, we will issue you with an ice card so every time you want to collect your bagged ice just bring your ice card with you and we will stamp it.
  • *IMPORTANT* your remaining ice will need to be collected by 11am Saturday August 20th.
  • No refunds on the remaining ice will be given after this time and the ice will be put back up for sale.
  • Firewood will be delivered directly to your camp site.
  • Tickets will be issued for your bags of firewood and kindling.
  • The Silverton Firewood truck will be going past numerous times a day so just wave them down, hand over your tickets and you’re all set.
  • Listen out for the music coming from their truck.
  • You will also have the option of collecting your firewood and kindling from their stall and trollies will be available to carry it back to your camp.

We will have bread and long-life milk as well as heaps of other items available for purchase at our stall throughout the Bash.

These include lollies, marshmallows, firelighters, bottled water, soft drink slabs and a heap of other goodies that usually get left behind when you pack.

Our team can't wait to see you all at the Bash so come and say hi and check out all of the items available at our stall!

All pre-orders for the 2022 Mundi Mundi Bash will close Wednesday August 10th.