Pre-Order For Mundi Mundi Bash Broken Hill 2023

Koolaz Ice and Warmaz Firewood will take care of all of your ice and firewood needs at the 2023 Mundi Mundi Bash.

  • By pre-ordering, your order will be waiting for you on-site at the Bash.
  • Benefits of pre-ordering include saving space and most importantly, saving on the extra weight of carrying your own firewood.
  • Pre-orders give our team a better indication of supplies that are required for the Bash.
  • We will also take extra supplies for those that miss pre-ordering or require extra ice and firewood throughout the event but these supplies can’t be guaranteed.
  • Select from which items you would like to pre-order and from the packs we have put together of single items.
  • Choose which option you would like to checkout with - Pay Now or Pay at Event.
  • Before you click 'Order Now', double-check that all of your order details are correct and once placed, we will send a confirmation email that contains your order details.
  • Print out your confirmation email or download it to your phone (we suggest doing both). *MAKE SURE YOUR ORDER NUMBER IS VISIBLE.*
  • Once you arrive on-site at the Bash, get your camp all set up and come and find us at our stall - located in the Plazza.
  • Look out for the Koolaz Ice signage and The Corner Store.
  • Bring your confirmation email AND payment for your order (if not already pre-paid).
  • We will issue you with your ice cards and firewood tickets.
  • As there is very limited internet service, we may only be able to accept cash payments (we suggest having cash just in case).
  • We will hold your pre-ordered ice in our freezer truck for collection daily. Once paid, we will issue you with an ice card so every time you want to collect your bagged ice just bring your ice card with you and we will stamp it.
  • *IMPORTANT* your remaining ice will need to be collected by 11am Saturday 19th August.
  • NO REFUNDS on the remaining ice will be given after this time and the ice will be put back up for sale.
  • Your Firewood order will be delivered directly to your campsite.

  • Tickets will be issued for your bags of firewood and kindling.

  • You will be issued a small flag that is to be placed out on the road to help us find you.

  • Our team will be going past multiple times a day, they will yell out if a flag is present or just wave them down, hand over your tickets and you’re all set.

  • You will also have the option of collecting your firewood and kindling from our stall. Trollies will be available to help carry it back to your camp.

  • For the first time, we will have a limited supply of perishable products available for purchase. These include fresh milk, a selection of salad vegies, camp oven vegies, fresh fruit, frozen bacon and an assortment of staple items that we usually get asked for.
  • We will also have frozen bread and long-life milk.
  • We will be well stocked with deodorant, soap, toothpaste and brushes, dishwashing liquid, and insect repellent.
  • If you’re running low on items for the camp kitchen we will most likely have what you're after – noodles, soups, canned food, stock, and sauces.
  • We will also have tent pegs, ropes, batteries, head torches, fly nets, etc.
  • There will be a large assortment of lollies and chocolates available.
  • You MUST present your order number when collecting your items at the bash.
  • If you have not received your order confirmation via email, please ensure you have checked your spam folder.
  • If you still cannot find your order confirmation, send our team an email at using the email you used to place your order and include a screenshot or proof of payment from Paypal (if you selected PAY NOW).
  • We will get back to you as soon as possible with your order number and you can print that email off to use as confirmation at the bash.

Pre-orders for the 2023
Mundi Mundi Bash are now CLOSED.

If you have not pre-ordered - VERY LIMITED Ice & Firewood will be available for purchase at the Bash.

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